Our Mission:

Subtechnologies (or “SubTech” as our customers have come to call us) is dedicated to providing quality products, using our knowledge and experience to happily serve our customers. We strive for honesty, fairness, and integrity with our employees, customers, business associates, and to be a positive influence to our community.

Our vision is to continue to grow and to serve the Subway chain around the world by:

1.  Providing quality products and services that enable our customers to maximize their profitability.
2.  Delivering those products and services in the quickest time-frame possible.
3.  Providing award-winning customer service.

Our Company:

From the beginning, we have been the focused small-wares provider for SUBWAY®. With every passing year, we have continued to prove our worth by our actions as we developed new products and innovations that have led to greater efficiency within the restaurants.

Through our efforts, we have also introduced on-line small-wares purchasing to every SUBWAY® restaurant. With this advance in the supply chain, we have given the Franchisees a faster, more convenient way to order small-wares. We have also expanded our reach and shortened our delivery times by adding distribution from Canada and Puerto Rico.

Our History:

SubTech was founded in 1988 by Lyle Swanson, followed by a number of company milestones, including:

1991  Invented the 21-Inch Condiment-Converter Pan/Lid Unit.
1993  Invented the Large and Small Drink Station Organizers.
1995  John Wells acquired SubTech, and partnered with Lyle Swanson in SubTech’s Puerto Rico office.
1995  Introduced of the Small-Wares A-Package.
1995  Developed the Subway® Small -Wares Package.
1996  Developed the Subway® Breakfast Omelet Program.
1997  Developed Wrapped Straw Holder and Suggestion Box.
1998  Omelet Program approved as MOP.
1999  SubTech rolled out Internet Web-Site.
1999  Received Subway® IPC Dedicated Service Award for Outstanding Long-Term Service & Support.
2000  Sub-Wrap Holder developed.
2000  Received Subway® DAI Recognition Award for Outstanding Service & Support.
2002  Received Subway® Recognition Award, Above and Beyond.
2003  Received Subway® Dedicated Service Award, Above and Beyond.
2003  Consolidation Program implemented with Duke Manufacturing.
2003  Moved into Sun Court Building, providing 25,000 sq. ft. of office & warehouse space.
2003  Opened warehouses in Puerto Rico and Toronto, Ontario.
2003  Introduced the engraved Subway® Tray.
2003  Web order-tracking implemented.
2007  Completed construction and moved into new Hagan Road Building, providing 42,000 sq. ft. of office & warehouse space.
2012  Sales growth meeting or exceeding expectations!